The experience: COSTA RICA ABROAD 2012
My Summer Abroad- ¡PURA VIDA!

I can not begin to stress how great of an opportunity studying abroad was for me. I learned so much about Costa Rica, a country before I knew nothing about, and myself. The world is full of many cultures, and I think it’s important to go explore them. It was all so busy with school, homework, trips, my host family, and friends. It was definitely emersion and hectic, and it was all great. Everyday there were new experiences and so much to do and choose from. These are some of my pictures and my experiences in Costa Rica :)

The home stay

I loved my home stay. My roommate and I stayed with the nicest family who really made us feel at home. We are both still beginners at the language, and they were extremely patient with us learning. They would slow down if necessary, and always were trying to show us stuff they thought was new to us. It was an experience I will remember forever because living in another family’s home in a different country was a one of a kind summer. This summer was great, and I can’t believe I was even nervous to do this.  I already miss all of them.

San José

San José was a big and populated city with people everywhere. The Ticos were all very friendly to us and other tourists I saw. This was the go to ice cream place: Pops


I attended Forester International Institute. I had a good school experience. The classroom culture is very different because the classes were all around 3-6 students. It felt like a personal tutor session. I learned a lot.


There is so much to explore in Costa Rica! The school alone had set up trips to museums and national parks. I also got to try ziplining and canyoning during that summer. Canyoning my uncoordinated self down a waterfall was by far the scariest thing I have ever done, but it was so amazing and I will never forget the feeling being at the bottom.

I just loved also walking around San José.


Money in Costa Rica is Colones. It seems very different from the US because of all the large numbers but the conversion is fast to learn. 1 USD=500CRC (which is one of the coins) I loved how the money looked.

A new experience for me was the bargaining on the street markets. I have never bargained to start in English. I had to speak Spanish, and then add in the new currency. It was really fun.


Meals in Costa Rica are very healthy compared to the United States. They eat a lot of fruit, veggies, rice, and meat. Gallo pinto is eaten often at any meal of the day, which is a rice and bean mixture.

If you ever go to Costa Rica be sure to try Café Britt coffee and try the pineapple. They export it there, and it is amazing.